About Us

Diamond is well known as the hardest material in the world. To cut stones, rocks, concretes, etc need harder material such as diamond to work on. Real diamonds are too expensive to mined, so the latest invention of technology is synthetic diamond. Synthetic diamonds are wide used for diamond tools products and well known for the economical value.

DMW are diamond tools supplier since 1990 in Indonesia, especially at West Java and Jakarta city. Our company started with providing diamond segment and blades to support stone industries and quarries at past few decades. We also supply TCT ("Tungsten Carbide Tipped") product to support local market and wood industries. We expanded to have wider range of diamond tools products such as polishing stone or pad, core and drill bits, grinding, and diamond segments for variety of uses.

Beside stone industries, diamond tools are well known as the most effective nonmetals materials and widely used for civil engineering, exploration, and some high-tech division. It's always being used in gemstone, medical equipment, glass, ceramics, masonry, stone crafted materials and hard compound material as well.